About Us


NB2026 was inaugurated in early 2009 as a forum to promote engagement and develop broad consensus around the province's long term self-sufficiency objectives, priorities, and strategies.

The Roundtable is intended to function with a longer-term frame of reference (hence 2026) to sustain a thrust for advancement and greater auto reliance over the lifetime of successive governmental administrations. New Brunswickers increasingly appreciate the importance of such a goal, and need to think of it as their project, a true projet de société, and not just the project of governments.


The Roundtable is designed to be broadly representative of New Brunswick interests, and is comprised of thirty five participants. Individual members are drawn from sectors and regions in a fashion to be broadly representative of, but not representatives for, a variety of backgrounds. Members are opinion leaders with a demonstrated ability to reach out to others. In addition, the Provincial Government, the Official Opposition, and the Federal Government each name a representative.


The Roundtable decided not to adopt the term self-sufficiency as a description of its vision of where the Province should be by 2026. Members decided that more input and experience should be gained before trying to describe a vision. It has, however, agreed that there should be a timeline, and they have articulated an interim aspirational goal:

Create a stronger province where people are better able to take care of themselves and each other.
In seeking to understand, describe and share a vision, it has tried a number of terms:
  • Self Sufficient
  • Have Province
  • Enabling self actualization
  • Build/Create a better/stronger NB
  • Good society/social justice
  • Social and economic prosperity
  • Better able to take care of itself
  • An empowered NB, aspiring to a better future
  • Raising the Bar
  • Responsibility to the future
  • Leadership
  • Motivating population
  • Allowing each citizen to achieve full potential - together
    opportunity / mieux être
  • "Best Place in Canada" to live, start and grow a company, simply be the best
  • Inclusivity
  • Able to take care of our most vulnerable
  • A place to thrive
  • Opportunity

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